Monday, December 8, 2014


This week has been a blast!  There is not much power in the area so I will be quick.

Let me tell you what happened!
Well it all started on Tuesday night where me and my companion were walking around trying to talk to anyone at 7:30 pm about ready to end a hard works day, when we decided to go to a families home to check up on a commitment we had given them.

We turned up and brother Balledares said a storm is about to hit. So we went home, and began to pack our things. Then on Thursday we got a text from the mission president that we needed to be in the District centre (like the Stake centre).  

So we went and it was so cloudy and dark outside.  Apparently it was going to be bad, but it died down and where we were it just got windy and knocked a few trees over and yeah that was it.  In the end it was nothing too big, but it was scary!  Many of the missionaries were getting overexcited so I left with my trainee and we found a room and studied. When we came back in, they settled down and starting playing charades with words from the Book of Mormon.  See what an example you can have on others!

Now we are back in our house,  happy as ever, we love our little apartment, just us two, working hard! 

Love you family!

Elder Anderson.

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