Monday, December 8, 2014


This week has been a blast!  There is not much power in the area so I will be quick.

Let me tell you what happened!
Well it all started on Tuesday night where me and my companion were walking around trying to talk to anyone at 7:30 pm about ready to end a hard works day, when we decided to go to a families home to check up on a commitment we had given them.

We turned up and brother Balledares said a storm is about to hit. So we went home, and began to pack our things. Then on Thursday we got a text from the mission president that we needed to be in the District centre (like the Stake centre).  

So we went and it was so cloudy and dark outside.  Apparently it was going to be bad, but it died down and where we were it just got windy and knocked a few trees over and yeah that was it.  In the end it was nothing too big, but it was scary!  Many of the missionaries were getting overexcited so I left with my trainee and we found a room and studied. When we came back in, they settled down and starting playing charades with words from the Book of Mormon.  See what an example you can have on others!

Now we are back in our house,  happy as ever, we love our little apartment, just us two, working hard! 

Love you family!

Elder Anderson.

Tuesday Morning Update 4 for Super Typhoon Ruby:

Dear Parents and Friends of Tacloban Missionaries,

The storm has passed and blue skies and radiant sunshine abound here in Tacloban. All missionaries have returned back to their areas, except Borongan Zone and the new arriving missionaries. We are still to effect the transfer to incorporate these new missionaries, but hope to do it this week. Relief efforts are being distributed to Borongan and we will also assess the conditions in that Zone before sending missionaries to return.

There is no power in most of the mission, and so it is unlikely that missionaries will find internet available to email home. We anticipate that power will be restored in a couple of days. Thanks for your willingness to send your sons and daughters as ambassadors of Jesus Christ.


Wayne E Maurer

Mission President

Thursday, November 20, 2014

I'm back!  I had to go to a special place for missionaries who have been very crook, where they feed you up and send you back to work.

Yes, I got sent to Manila and I'll share with you my journey. I had to catch the bus from Tacloban to Ormoc in the morning, then when I arrived I  caught a ferry to Cebu, where I had to catch a taxi to the airport (by the way I'm doing this on my own, no companion and it felt so weird), then I arrived in Manila and man isn't that place so crazy, its like Las Vegas, just a HUGE city with lights everywhere.  It is huge - especially compared to small Tacloban!! 

Then I arrived in the MRC where Sister and Elder K (the missionaries in charge of the medical recovery center) welcomed me and showed me around where I was staying. So just let me say - I thought I was in heaven for the 4 days I was up there!  I turned up for dinner and Sister K said that my pancakes appetisers are ready for me in the kitchen and I was blown out of my mind.  I ate the pancakes and everything that followed!  Then I had air con in my room, HOT showers, and a comfy bed where I laid down for 3 hours a day resting - and we have movie nights, had washing machines and study as usual!! 

The Manila temple was just across the road and we were allowed to go and do sessions and you bet I did! 14 months without the temple - wow I enjoyed this special, special, special opportunity.  I got to ponder and relax and it sure did help with my sickness.

Then I came out of the temple and went back to the MRC, and next minute I hear someone screaming, running towards me and I turn around and Elder Wynn McGregor, one of my all time best friends is full speed about to tackle me haha.  It was really random and didn't really hit me, but we hugged and talked and took pictures. Man he has grown up and is so mature!!  It was also good to hear the fresh NZ accent haha!

A beautiful experience!!   I also saw a Sister Vea who knew Dad and she ran up and said, your dad's president Anderson!!  So that was cool.  Overall, I had a blast - but I wanted to go back, staying there was just too luxurious and unrealistic and I just wanted to head back to my little Tacloban and work!! 

So, I was allowed to go.  I had my tickets all booked for me  and I flew to Cebu where I got to take pictures of the temple there and then I caught a ferry back and heading back to my own area that I love!! 

What a choice experience - right?? Now I'm perfectly fine and we are back into the work!! 

I love you family and loved ones and  thanks so much for your prayers as I have been ill. I have really been focusing on working on my Christlike attributes.  I am continually changing and I'm happy with  my progress. 

I think in some ways I have really changed from a boy into a man.  That is what I feel, but I guess you can judge for yourself when I see you again.   No one here believes I'm 19, they all guess 23 or above!!  Must be my double barrel shotgun arms.  

So that's interesting!! Love you again.

Elder Anderson

Monday, October 27, 2014

Well this week was quite a big journey! I got my trainee!! Elder Means from Provo Utah at 19 years old!! I have been SICK this whole week which was not at all the good start I wanted to give him, but he is such a good missionary, definitely knows why he is out here on a

mission!  I speny an afternnon in hospital with a sore stomach and ear, and I have not been eating well at all.  I'm quite skinny.  I am feeling a little better each day though.

I know God knows my desires to work and exactly what I need and I can see this new missionary helping me a lot in the area!!
It was really funny seeing his facial reactions to the Phillipines during our 4 hour drive from Tacloban to Maasin.  He looked like I must have, so worried, where I am going haha, and I love to ask him, has it hit you yet elder? He always says, NO, I don't think it ever will!

We speak a lot of Cebuano in the house and he sounded exactly like me when I started my mission, but I give him encouragement and known that he will be very good in the future, even better than me!!
Sorry this is small, I'm out of time, but I love you all and I cant wait until I'm better, and can get out and work hard!! Love you family!!
Elder Anderson!

Monday, October 20, 2014

A more difficult area...

Kiaora all!

First I'd like to say, the last transfer (6 weeks)  flew before my eyes. I said goodbye to Elder Balmediano and this week I pick my brand new greeny  haha !

Yes I'm training!!! I am beyond the moon to have this opportunity to train!! The one thing I wanted to become is a trainer!! President Uchdorf in a talk said," only the best train"!! So yes I am picking him up Thursday this week so I am super excited for that!!

In my mission there is a procedure now: Before we go home - on our last sunday, we get to go to our favourite area here ( and I will probably go back to Kananga). One of my best elder friends( Elder Carlson) came to Macrohon to visit, and he goes home next week!! Everyone is going home and soon my batch will be soon!! Next month i will have 10 months left in the field, so I want to use every bit of time to the max!!

 A cool quote from president Monsen, "Decision Determines Destiny" So I'm out here using this quote in all I do to prepare me for my future!!  I'm working very very hard to work on my slight little weaknesses here in the mission to be the ultimate example for my brand new missionary and others in the future.  I cannot wait to see his reaction to the beautiful Philipines, like mine  when I first arrived!! I remember my trainer said i had a worried face the whole time and now I get to experience that!!  I cant wait!!

So my area:  It is super super hard, but we are working on it!! Somedays we don't even get to teach a lesson, but Im getting really good at finding.  My favourite is to play basketball with the tiny pinoys and my companion talks to everyone else and does o.y.m( open your mouth)!! I thought, they love basketball, why not join in and play and gain their respect and break the ice before getting into the sharing, because if we go straight and ask to share, most of the time, they're not at all interested.  

So yes!! IT WORKS  and we have o.y.m'ed over 40 people because of it!! They love it when I dunk the hoop haha.  I dont even know how to play, but when I dunk, its the end of the world for them!! They have never seen it before!!   So it is really funny when ever I walk past them now:  All  I hear is, Elder Anderson DUNK, DUNK, DUNK!!    I think to myself, yeah, we can arrange that for you...  Even the old folks join in and chant haha.  

But the main thing is I feel I am gaining the trust of tonnes of people here and if I dont get the chance to harvest, I know they will remember me and my love and accept the restored gospel in the future!! So, I love my area, challenging and humbling, and I am striving for excellence in my work.  I know Im so blessed!!

Also we have a baptism lined up for next month hopefully - first one in this area  in a whole year!!  I am super excited.  He pays his tithing and everything, I'm sure he will be good!!

 I love my mission, my testimony in Jesus Christ grows every day and I  love working with the Spirit!

Love you all

Elder Anderson
Philippines Tacloban Mission

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hey family, just another short one!!
I got my package:) and man did those chocolates melt in my mouth!! Thanks mum and family, it really made me happy!!

Me and my companion sat down as soon as we got the weetbix in the package and we downed the whole kilogram of weetbix in one meal!.  Actually while tasting the weet bix, I got a little bit  home sick haha, I wrote in my journal, I want to have my New Zealand food everywhere, in my fridge, and cupboard, but in reality all I see is RICE :( haha i had a little giggle over this!

The work in Kananga is really progressing!!  I want to share one miracle I saw last week!!

We have been re teaching our recent convert Brother R every night the past week, and one night he gave us his brother as a referral! So we went that night and had a good lesson with Sister jennifer the daughter 16, brother Joemar, his  son 12 and brother Eddie Rojas the father. After our first lesson we asked if we could come back the next day and they agreed!! 

We came back the next day, to find all the family sitting quietly, their book of Mormons already out on the table opened to the assignment we left them last time.  Our seats were there and they were quiet, and as we turned up, I got a shock, a big shock - never in my time here on a mission have I seen a family so prepared and willing to learn from me and my companion at the second lesson. They are golden - every time we show up, they’re ready to be taught, no mucking around!!
So for me, while witnessing this and day after day returning back to their house, I  see that God touches and prepares people for us!! He himself prepares these beautiful people to follow his begotten Son whom he sent!!
 They have their agency, ,yes, but what makes me as a missionary most happy is when I see them using this beautiful gift for the right, for Eternal Life.

I love this work and it is true!! Love you family

Elder Anderson
Hey family 

Brother R and his son, and Sister Karly, our beautiful investigators are being baptized this Saturday!

Sis Karly is a gem!! Shes a 21 year old that had family that are members. She does all the commitments, even over what we ask her to do! In her lessons, there are 4 languages that everyone mixes up and speaks, Tagalog, Cebuano, Waray Waray and English!!! hahah its funny, I understand English and Cebuano, and my companion and her understand them all!!!  But Im getting a rough outline of tagalog, konti lang (haha Jeremy)

 Shes got the knowledge downpat, and her desire just grows every time we visit her. It takes us a good 45 minutes to walk to her house, in the hot sun, sweating a lot, but its fun and we enjoy it.
Bro R a husband of a member who has two kids, didn’t ever go to school, and doesnt know how to read, but his desire to want to be baptized and follow Jesus Christ amazes me!!

His desire is as strong as anyone I have ever taught!  His prayers are so heartfelt, so spiritual and just beautiful.  I love waiting till the end of our lessons so he can pray. It leaves me with the spirit. I feel heaven is around me!!!
 He has been afraid of the interview that he needed with the district leader, but i told him, he would be fine! He has had a lot of time and we have taught him for over two months, so he could really understand the doctrine and understand what covenant he is making!
Last Sunday he was interviewed and he was good!!! He was so happy and gave me a big hug after. He and his son and sister Karly will be baptized this Saturday and we are all excited!!
 Hopefully I can send some photos!!
Love you family, sorry about the short emails, but I will Skype next week! i cant wait:):) 

Love Der Anderson